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Spacious Sales

Bring turtle medicine and more ease into your coaching business. 🐢

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In this masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • sell with more space, ease, peace and trust 
  • set yourself up for sustainability 
  • sell without "tangible" results
  • sell without forced or false urgency 
  • get off the emotional roller coaster of "the launch"
  • release the pressure around sales and take the biggest exhale you've taken yet in your business journey
  • sell in a way that nourishes your nervous system

For the first time ever, I'm sharing behind the scenes of the "slow down to speed up" embodiment that took my business from an emotional roller coaster to a truly easeful, authentic, natural extension of myself and my values.

When you make space and align every part of your offer and sales process with your values and your nervous system- the floodgates open.

Note: you will be able to apply all of this regardless of your business model (evergreen, time-sensitive programs, live programs, etc).

 Learn more about me, your host: www.emilyannebrant.com