What does anti-racism and decolonization have to do with personal development, spirituality, business, self-help and coaching?

A lot more than we've been paying attention to and we're at a point where this can no longer be ignored.

It's time for all leaders to recognize their role in decolonization and to create a world where we all get to rise and thrive together.



Hi! My name is Emily Anne Brant, and I work with powerful leaders who understand the power of their impact and influence. I help coaches, therapists, teachers, healers (even musicians and other entrepreneurs) decolonize their practice and create more inclusive spaces!

Together, we work to make personal development more welcoming, safe, and truly supportive for clients and colleagues of the global majority (a term coined by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens to replace terms like "visible minorities" or "people of colour").

She:kon | Hello



My name is Emily (she/her) and my ancestry is mixed - Mohawk (First Nations) on my father's side and mixed Algonquin and European-Settler on my mother's side. I'm from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and am a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.

From my early teen years I've loved personal development. I dabbled in it by watching Oprah with my mom, reading "self help" books and making vision boards. In 2019 I joined the world of coaching, and became a coach myself.

As much growth as I experienced in this work, something was also always missing. I did all the affirmations, the journaling, the positive thinking, even the "shadow work" and yet, it was as if something wasn't fully clicking.

In 2022 I had a massive realization where I realized I'd been denying my Indigenous identity and the ancestral healing that was needing my attention.

Once I leaned into this fully, embracing my Indigeneity and all the healing from colonialism I needed to do, everything shifted. There was just one problem... 

The industry hadn't. And that's why we're here now.



Do you have a business, programs, students or clients that you lead? Do you want to make sure you are leading in an ethical, decolonized, respectful and inclusive way? 

I've created workshops and guest lectures for Queen's University, for coaches and leaders all over the globe, and I frequently love to guest speak on podcasts.

Head to my speaking page to request a talk or workshop, or check out my programs for coaches and leaders when you're ready to build your practice on a foundation of decolonization and antiracism.

Since we ALL need to unlearn and untangle from colonialism, my programs are open to all. 

ALL- please connect with me on Instagram and on the podcast!